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Sustainable shipping receives an additional 4.5 million

27 April 2020

Lighthouse has received an additional SEK 1.5 million a year for three years to run the Swedish Transport Administration's industry program Sustainable Shipping. This means greater opportunities for those with research ideas. Until May 18, we welcome new project proposals.

Since 2019, Lighthouse receives SEK 10 million a year to run the ten-year program - money supplemented by part-financing from the industry. The Swedish Transport Administration now adds another 1.5 million.

“This shows that the Swedish Transport Administration has confidence in us and that good project proposals and work are done within the program. The additional money enables a few more projects”, Åsa Burman, Lighthouse's chief operating officer, says.

For 2020, this has meant that two more pre-studies have been started and for 2021 and 2022 there is a possibility to start a few more. The news comes timely. Since a few days Lighthouse welcomes project proposals for 2021. Until May 18, ideas can be submitted.

“A number of longer projects are already running, but for 2021 there is still just over SEK 4 million to distribute”, Åsa Burman says.

For 2021, project proposals are welcomed in all thematic areas - Ship design, propulsion and operation, Maritime working life, Efficient transport systems, instruments and business models and Digitization and automation. Especially welcome are proposals in Maritime Work Life, as there are fewer ongoing and completed projects in this area.

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