Lätta elfartyg – Electric Light

02 July 2021

The objective of this project was to establish an innovative ship concept for a fully electric
Ro-Pax ship, which makes use of new technology, especially in the area of electrical
propulsion and energy storage. The project also included a risk assessment of the concept
and identification of possible follow-up studies of critical design items.
There is a growing demand for all types of shipping to reduce their emissions of
greenhouse gases and particles, and also NOx and SOx. Meeting IMO’s emissions
objective by 2050 will require large efforts both for energy efficiency measures on existing
ships and for new concepts for fossil-free ships. Electrical propulsion for small ships has
been discussed for long and many installations are today operational.
This project is an innovation project with participation from industrial partners
contributing to the overall goal of sustainable shipping by proposing a ship concept for an
electrically powered large Ro-Pax ship for shorter international voyage.

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Publisher: Åsa Burman
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