Reducing undeclared and misdeclared dangerous goods to improve maritime transport safety

26 May 2021

Transport of dangerous goods creates substantial utility to society, but carries a risk to the
environment, health and safety. Some of the accidents and incidents occurring during dangerous
goods transport can be attributed to poor practices, such as misdeclaration or failure to declare the
goods. This pre-study aims to investigate the problem of undeclared and misdeclared dangerous
goods transport on container, RoRo and RoPax vessels and to investigate the circumstances and
causes that lead to incorrect declaration.
For this purpose, this research carried out a literature review and conducted several interviews with
main stakeholders in Sweden such as port authorities, port terminals, shipping companies,
insurance companies and public institutions. Main results suggest that the existence of different
regulations (land transport and sea transport for dangerous goods), can be a risk for managing these
goods. Furthermore, it is important to enhance coordination between different actors and increase
digitalization to control information flows.
This pre-study is coordinated with the longer and larger project Transparent information management
and collaboration for improved reliability during transportation of dangerous goods funded by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB).

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Publisher: Åsa Burman
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